Fishing Game DevLog


Check out the finished game here:


We are at the finish line!

Spent the last week on fixing bugs, readjusting UI, making music and sound effects and a lot of testing! Luckily had 3 testers, strong enough to bare my nagging!

The new indicator gives more information and aids the player more clearly.

The fish might look the same, but there is a way to tell which are the big ones!

The only thing that is left before the release is the icon for the game and it will be available for the public!


A week has passed, but I do think we are almost at the finish line!

  • Made some additions to the case. The buttons need less colour and/or less detailed shading.
  • Music and sound effect are in progress! Trying to keep it as retro as possible.
  • For now, I’ve ditched the theme selecting options. May add for later updates
  • Scores are bigger now! Also, the fishes have different weights, speed and stamina based on… Play the game, and figure it out!
2x Playback speed

The next couple of days is going to be about the music and sound effects!

Planing release 19th April latest!


Made a button!
Now that the case is on the screen, I’ve added a method to control the game.

The button changes according to the function it controls. The text has the same dithering design as the screen. Might add a fill dithered surface to the button to hide the text completely.

Also… Tested on Android and it works quite fine!

Screen captured on a phone!

There’s still a long way to go! Need to work on the case/button design!

Tomorrow’s tasks:

  • Music and/or sound effects
  • Speed tuning
  • Gameplay test


I’ve added more colours to the game! At the moment only placeholders, need to make sure, that all the colours are easy to look at!

Also added a frame to the game, to prepare for the Android version. The idea is to put buttons on the frame, to keep the retro LCD aesthetics. Apart from the control button, there’s going to be a button to change the theme.

Most of the mechanics are working perfectly, but still more finetuning to come!

Tomorrow’s tasks:

  • Add the control button to the case
  • Make the control button to work


Back on track!

Managed to work on the reeling mechanic!
The line will snap if you pull too hard, but the fish can flee if you don’t!
The goal is to keep a good balance.

If you lose a fish, there’s no second try. You will lose that opportunity and it will affect your overall score!

The tension-bar in the middle indicates how close the fishing line to break. If it fills in, that is the “end of the line”. The bar is made out of individual images, not masking, for I can’t have “half pixels” in this pixelated design.

Fishing (x4 Speed)

This GIF might be a bit misleading. All the images are actually “dithered”, made out of small, separated pixels and not one big block.

Might make the pixels even bigger!

Tomorrow’s tasks

  • Create a big “X”, for the catch display, if you miss a fish
  • Test themes possibility
  • Start mechanic’s polish and finetuning


Managed to implement 90% of the catching mechanism, but…

This weekend was more about learning than actually working on the game.

This experience might be useful for anyone how is new to game development or trying to use a new tech or and old tech in a new way. I’ve been using the animation states for game states and there were a lot of things I wasn’t aware before starting to work with it.

Reset Triggers

… and use different triggers for states on the same path. I’ve run into issues when the animator skipped a state, seemingly for no reason at all. The triggers might still on and that activates the next step.

You have time!

Was a bit upset about not progressing “fast enough”, but you can’t help it sometimes. I spent time learning from and correcting my mistakes, reading documentation, experimenting. Now it’s a lot clearer and I can proceed!

Tomorrow’s tasks:

  • Finish catch mechanics


Had a bit of a busy day IRL, so didn’t manage to accomplish as much as wanted.

Created a display for high score and one for the current score.

The high score is now saving at the end of a round (fishing out 3 fish) and loads at the beginning of the game!
The 3 caths displayed separately with their weights.

The only “annoying” part is that 10% of the time the fish can turn around. You need the patients as in real life. But makes testing a bit harder…

Tomorrow’s tasks:

  • Fish catch mechanic (High Importance!)
  • Calming music (To make testing less stressful)


I can’t thank enough the Unity team for nested prefabs!
It’s so convenient to create a module and put it inside another module and just control the childs.

Today I made a quick version of the display numbers and created a number-displays to show the fishes’ weight. The final score will be depended on the sum of the three fish’s weight.

Made the fishes move around and be able to deploy the hook.
For now, the hook automatically catches the fish and displays its weight, just to test the display.

Also using Unity’s Animator to set up states.

In general, the Animator is used to create transitions from different animations. However, it has a feature that allows each state to have a script to run, only in that state. And I use this simple setup to move the hook specific ways, depending on the state and don’t need to code all the different movements in a BIG update function.

Tomorrow’s tasks:

  • Fish catch mechanic
  • High score
  • Save/Load high score


Mid-February I was getting ready for a Game Jam and made the sensible decision to work out a game idea for some of the possible themes. One of the ideas was a retro 70’s / 80’s style, fixed elements, LCD screen game. I still think it’s a good idea to work on a small game just to get thang of writing a devlog.

For this project, I decided to make a fishing game, with dithered graphic elements, one or two-button control, and a personal high score meter.

Game engine: Unity
Graphics: Asesprite, Krita
Sounds: Bosca Ceoil, Vegas Pro
Intended release: Play Store (Android), Itch.IO (Web App)

First of all, I made a small LUA script to create a consistent Dithering effect.

Now I only need to draw the shape, and the script will do the “magic”.
Might make it bigger pixels.
The second step is setting all to white, so I can set the colours in Unity’s sprite renderer. Intend to make it possible to select the colour scheme in the game.

I made some graphics assets and set up a script in Unity to put some items to its place. And also set up some manual ones.

Tomorrow’s tasks:

  • Font assets
  • Fish movements
  • Hook Deployment